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Feel The Tech-filled 2020 Rivian R1S SUV In This Walkaround Video



SUVs are by far the hottest segment in the Automotive World right now and the introduction of the new Rivian RS1 SUV ,that comes powered by an all-electric power-train and a 410 miles range batteries , will make the segment even more interesting.

This short clips explores the interior and exterior of the tech-filled 7 seater Sports Utility Vehicle like never before . Click here to see the specs and features of the 750 horsepower off-roader.

This week,the automaker revealed a new patent it filed which will allow owners to attach another battery pack to increase the drive range in its Pickups and SUVs. This means that owners could charge the removable battery and attach it whenever they need the extra range.

This attachment will be able to boost to the drive range from the standard 410 miles to something like 800 miles before running out of juice.

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