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Ferrari Promises Special Sound For Electric Models



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Ferrari has not only made many cars that are delightful to the eye, but has also elevated making engines sound good to an art. This should be no different for electric cars.

The 250 GTO, 812 Superfast, and F50 have two things in common: they are Ferraris, and they sound very special. There are many models to mention where the sound is perhaps as striking as the appearance. That will become something if Ferrari also adopts electric propulsion because then a very important part of the magic will disappear. Well, not if it’s up to the Italians. They plan to also make the EVs make noise.

We hear you thinking, ‘Oh no, is Ferrari also going to send such an artificial hum through a speaker?’. Well, it looks like Ferrari is taking a slightly different approach. In conversation with the American CNBC, CEO Benedetto Vigna stated that Ferrari is working on signature sounds for EVs, which will ‘compete with the emotions produced by the famous combustion engines’. That sounds promising. According to Vigna, it will be a kind of specific EV sound rather than an imitation of a combustion engine. We are very curious to see what Ferrari will come up with, because whether the high-pitched squeal of an electric motor can fit into the same category as the Colombo V12…

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