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Ford And Hyundai Tests “Tesla’s” Giga Press Machine



Ford, Hyundai, and an unnamed European company are said to have approached the Italian IDRA for its inventive aluminum casting machine. This machine is also known as ‘Giga Press’, the language of the only customer to date. That’s right: Tesla.

For Tesla, the so-called Giga Press, which comes from IDRA, is extremely important in reducing production costs. In short, the Giga Press makes aluminum parts of sizes and shapes that were previously thought impossible, so that the same thing can be achieved with fewer parts. Until now, the Giga Press has been used to make the front and rear parts of the base of a Model Y. Together with a battery pack, these parts form the complete platform. In the future, Tesla wants to simplify the production process even further, again with the help of this magical piece of technology.

But we digress. What matters today is the news from Reuters that other car manufacturers are also interested in this special invention. Ford, Hyundai, and an as-yet-unnamed manufacturer are said to have shown interest, with a first test sample having even been produced for Ford. The sources who unearthed the news state that Tesla has a total of 14 of these ‘super presses’ in use. They are not only used for Model Y but will also be used in the production of the long-awaited and much-discussed Cybertruck.

IDRA supplies the Giga Press, the size of a small to medium-sized house, in different variants. The models NEO 5500, NEO 6100, NEO 8000, and NEO 9000 are distinguished by their pressing pressure, expressed in tons in the type designation.

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