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German Accidentally Sold His BMW Worth 12,000 Euro For One Euro On eBay




Unnamed German accidentally sold his BMW worth at least 12,000 euro (₦5.3 million) for just one euro (₦440) on eBay.

In the end, a court saved the seller from having to hand over his BMW for just one euro.

The court ruled that it is not a binding purchase contract.


A German man accidentally sold his BMW for just one euro during a mega bargain on the internet auction platform eBay.

According to Automobilwoche, the unnamed man had expressed himself incorrectly in his auction description on eBay.

The seller had the intention of asking a lot more for a car that is worth 12,000 euros and not the one euro price.

After the seller realized his mistake after the auction had began, he immediately objected to the ” 1 Euro price”. The whole thing ended up going to a Frankfurt court.

In the end, the Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt saved the seller from having to hand over his used BMW for just one euro.

Why? According to the court, the seller; checking the box “Immediate offers are welcome”; shows that he wanted to auction the car and not sell it for one euro.

The court ruled this alone was a clear proof that the seller didn’t want to sell the BMW for a peanut and so the sale was not binding.

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