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Governor Udom Constructing Drainage On Atabong Road In Eket (PHOTOS)





It is normally said that if you want to make an omelette, you have to break some eggs. This holds true, yesterday as I took sometimes out to see what Governor Udom is doing with our money.

Those that travelled out of Eket for some months, would need “sense of geography” to navigate their ways throug the adorning roads to ATABONG ROAD IN EKET.

From the post Office, around the main circus, the entire area is down. The underground drainage is something else. The depth of the excavation can “swallow” 2 storey building, all these to keep flood completely away from the Oil city, that had been abandoned over the years by successive governments.

I stand here to confirm that Udom has serious plans for his people. All his construction works as supervised by the Ministry of Works are made to last for at least 50yrs.

Seriously speaking, if NDDC projects, especially roads are done to even 50% of the standard that Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Works are doing, we could have been crossing our legs on our settees and snore away, knowing that our State is ok, but what do we have? Political projects that doesn’t last a month are dotted across the length and breadth of our State that has contributed over 30% of the Oil and gas volume of this country.

If not that we have a pragmatic and result oriented Governor in Udom Emmanuel, that doesn’t tolerate substandard projects, Our State could been in shambles today. If in his first term he is putting up this type of foundation and signature projects across the State, what do we think would happened if given another term? These are the reasons why I support continuity for those that has shown capacity and commitment to good governance.

Governor Udom Emmanuel deserves my vote for a second term, except I am a witch, that hates good things. God forbid.

EKET IS BACK Heaven knows.



Credit: TonyeBarcanista


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