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See What The Kenyan Government Are Doing Ahead Of The Rainy Season (PHOTOS)



The rainy season is just about kicking off.

Countries – especially those in the tropical region – that have witnessed severe cases of flooding due to heavy rainfall in recent years, are putting measures in place to avert such crisis from repeating itself.

For instance, in Kenya, the government is taking proactive steps to ensure that there are no flooding in city centers especially in big cities like Nairobi, Mombasa, etc.

There, the authorities are making concerted efforts to clear up blocked drainage systems. ahead of the rainy season.

Blocked drainage systems in cities can lead to flooding, a situation where water is diverted from the channels into roads, homes, etc.

Sadly, in Lagos state, a place prone to flooding, and also a place that is supremely notorious for blocked drainage systems, there has been absolutely nothing done to rid the drainage systems of refuse.

See photos of the clean-up exercise of drainage systems in cities in Kenya..

Below are typical drainage systems in Lagos state

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