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Here’s What Nissan’s Electric Cars Will Sound Like In Future So That You’ll Hear Them Coming



Electric Cars might be too quiet to be safe for pedestrians or cyclist,especially those who are vision impaired,so companies and government are trying to fix that now.

All electric cars will require sound generators at low speeds from 2021,and Nissan has revealed what its models will sound like in the future.

The familiar sound of a car’s engine on the street could be replaced by a futuristic sound ripped straight out of science fiction.

The intriguing noise, dubbed ’Canto’, will be the sound indicator in all of Nissan’s future electrified vehicles.

The futuristic sound was unveiled to the public at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

Canto’ is derived from Latin for ‘I sing’, and seems an appropriate name for the new sound given its unusual melodic qualities.

Canto will vary depending on whether the vehicle is accelerating, decelerating or backing up,and it’ll work up to speeds of up to 20 to 30 kph,” or about 12.5 to 18.5 miles per hour, “depending on marketplace requirements.

The level of the sound will be clearly audible, without being overly disturbing to pedestrians, residents and passengers.

EU and US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration require vehicle manufacturers to fit artificial sound generators on new types of electric and hybrid electric vehicles under 19 miles per hour from 2019,but doesn’t prescribe what the sound should be.

And by 2021,all new electric and hybrid electric vehicles on sale must have to have sound generators.

Cars like the Nissan Leaf SUV revealed as the IMx concept at Tokyo will get the new noise.

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