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How Can You Be Inside A Car And Be Pushing It?



pushing a car from inside

What is wrong with some people?  Where did he keep his senses?

He was just up there contributing more  to the weight rather than pushing. All his efforts up there are meaningless. To him, he’s contributing, but he’s actually doing nothing.

Nigerian comedian, Alibaba, read more meaning into this and wrote;

There are several people that do this and claim they gave your career a boost. They probably rode with you in a vehicle that took you to a job interview. And now they believe they gave you the push to become the Governor of the state. How does we served together, the same time during Youth Service now become, how you contributed to someone becoming a Federal Minister? I heard one the other day, ” we went to the same Primary School… Now he is inaccessible.” Hiaaaaannn. How does that even count?

He made a lot of sense.



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