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Importation Of Bullet Proof Cars Gets EUC Requirement





In a bid to curb the proliferation of Illegally use and importation of bullet proof vehicles in Nigeria, the office in charge of End User Certificate (EUC), the office of the National Security Adviser has issued a statement saying that the EUC is compulsorily required for the importation of all controlled items into the country.

According to the office, it is pertinent to ensure the safety of citizens life and property and as such listed controlled items, which include: arms and ammunitions of all kinds, (lethal and non-lethal); all forms of bullet proof materials including vehicles, vests, ballistic materials and bullion, vans among others.

It was further stated that EUCs are issued in order to prevent such items from being diverted within the buyer country or re-exported under undesirable conditions and thus find their ways into illicit market. EUC tracks the shipment of controlled items to ensure that the buyer is the actual recipient of the items and to certify that there are no plans to transfer them to other parties.

By Sola

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