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Meet Kalengo Kamwendo, Zambia’s Youngest Commercial Pilot



kalenga kamwendo pilot

kalenga kamwendo pilot

Kalenga Kamwendo is the youngest commercial pilot in Zambia and he has clocked over 1000 hours of flying with Zambia’s leading scheduled airline – Proflight Zambia.

He became Zambia’s youngest commercial pilot at the tender age of twenty one (21).

Born in Kitwe in Zambia’s Copperbelt, Kamwendo took an avid interest in the aviation industry whilst in Grade 10 or 11 at school. A strong student in English, Maths and Physics, he enrolled for Forty Three Air School in South Africa’s Eastern Cape after graduating from secondary school in 2011.

He has also been honoured with a presidential award.

Recalling his first day as a commercial pilot, Kamwendo says:

“I was nervous; I didn’t even have the full uniform. I was flying to Kasama and had to be up at 4am”. But that’s all in the past now. He goes on:

“There are tons of thrills, from something as simple as seeing a passenger happy, to the thrill of flying.”


“Oh my God! Is he the one who is going to fly us? Is he on training? Did your dad allow you to be here?

These are the questions asked by some passengers whenever they are boarding a plane flown by Kalenga Kamwendo, Zambia’s youngest pilot.


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