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Kia Showcases Teaser Images Of The EV3, EV4 And EV5 Concept Cars



Kia will hold its so-called EV Day in Yeoju, Korea, later this month, a major event where it will highlight its activities and plans in the field of electric (concept cars). It not only shows its current electric models but also looks ahead to what is to come. That turns out to be a lot.

Kia has already released a teaser image in which it shows its series of electric models (concept cars) that are primarily developed as EVs that it is bringing to its EV Day. We see five models, but not all of them are new. For example, on the far left we see the Kia EV6, and on the far right is the largest electric Kia: the flagship EV9. We also know the electric SUV in the middle. That is the already presented Kia EV5, an electric equivalent of the Sportage. Kia will release more information about the EV5 during its EV Day. That leaves two models and they are certainly not uninteresting ones.


Kia says it is bringing two new electric concept cars to its EV Day and these must be the two as yet unknown newcomers. Apparently, there is a relatively compact electric crossover between the EV5 and the EV9. We expect that to be the car that we recently showed you in a camouflage suit and which we suspect will be called EV3. The Kia EV3 will compete with cars such as the popular Peugeot e-2008.


The new electric Kia, which is positioned between the EV6 and the EV5, should almost be called EV4. It appears to be an electric car that will operate in the Ceed segment and may even succeed in that model. It is therefore not inconceivable that the EV4 – if that is what it is called – will have multiple body variants. The signature of the LED daytime running lights at the front of this new EV is striking. It appears to consist of an almost straight vertical line. Provided: Kia has not yet confirmed the model names of the new models.

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