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Honda Showcases Sustaina-C And CI-MEV Concept EVs In Japan



At the end of October, it is time for the Japan Mobility Show, the successor to the Tokyo Motor Show. Of course, Honda will be present in its home country and that already shows what will be on the exhibition floor anyway. The most striking creation is undoubtedly the Sustaina-C Concept pictured above. An unmistakably inspired car by classic compact Hondas, with an electric drivetrain. We see influences from the Honda Jazz (City) from the early 80s.

As the name already suggests, the Honda Sustaina-C Concept is primarily a showcase of Honda’s vision of sustainable production. Honda used acrylic resin to build the Sustaina-C, which should significantly reduce its ecological footprint. It is not yet clear what exactly was made from that material. It is probably mainly reflected in the bodywork. Furthermore, Honda is not yet disclosing any details about the Sustaina-C Concept, but there is a chance that we can already see in broad terms how Honda wants to follow up the Honda E in the long term. Perhaps also interesting for the European market, although the emphasis in Honda’s electric future plans is mainly on other markets.

Honda is also taking some two-wheelers to Tokyo, as well as another small EV, the CI-MEV. Not a concept car, but a production-ready prototype. As you can see, it is a particularly small two-seater that fits perfectly among the enormous flow of keicars in the Japanese capital. The Honda CI-MEV should enable a certain degree of autonomous driving, but it also has a steering wheel. It must mainly prove its usefulness as an alternative to public transport and walking. A car that must prove its usefulness especially in urban areas and possibly as a shared car.

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