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LASTMA official vs traffic light, which would you obey?



traffic light vs lastma

LASTMA official vs traffic light:

traffic light vs lastma

What’s with these LASTMA officials who like to take the shine off traffic lights. This has become a trend.. traffic light is saying one thing and the LASTMA official is saying another. You remember those days in secondary school when one senior will tell you to come and the other will tell you to go..  .. The result is confusion.

I guess these guys don’t know the implication of what they are doing. This is a recipe for accident because a driver may be focused on the green light.. and hardly notice one guy in yellow and maroon uniform has asked the car in front of him to stop..

One LASTMA official was even abusing a driver who stopped for the red light while the coast was clear.. the official was in one corner asking the driver to proceed.. but the latter didn’t notice on time because he was looking at the traffic light. I am sure this has happened to some of us.

The question is, would this driver be caught if he refuses to stop at that red light tomorrow.. especially when the road is free? I bet he would.

Let’s end this double standards..

Watch the video below and tell us which you would obey..

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