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Meet kenguru, The World’s 1st Electric Car For Wheelchair Users (Photos)



Good news for the disabled as there’s now a car that is made specifically for them and it’s on the affordable side. Meet Kenguru, the world’s 1st car for wheelchair users and guess what? It’s Electric. This innovation came at the right time as converting a normal car to suit wheelchair users is so expensive and most of them can’t afford the conversion. Let’s get to know more about the Kenguru EV……..

The Kenguru has just one door, which takes up the entire back panel of the vehicle. At the click of a button, the rear panel lifts, and a ramp automatically extends. When drivers turn on the ignition, the ramp retracts, and the door closes. Instead of a traditional steering wheel and pedals, the Kenguru has handlebars, similar to a motorcycle. These controls have buttons that let drivers accelerate and brake without using their feet. There’s also a wheelchair-locking mechanism that won’t let the car turn on until the driver’s wheelchair is securely in place. The Kenguru is also so small and lightweight that it classifies as an electric scooter. That means you don’t need a driver’s license to operate it, making it even more accessible.

Compared to other EVs, the Kenguru isn’t particularly fast or feature-rich. It has a top speed of 28 mph and a range of 43 to 68 miles. There’s also no room for any passengers and limited storage space. While the Kenguru may not be comparable to an ordinary car, it does precisely what it’s supposed to. It gives people who use wheelchairs an affordable, accessible way to move around the city. Transportation can be a considerable barrier for wheelchair users, but the Kenguru provides an answer. The Kenguru also fully charges from an empty battery in just eight hours. Since it can charge so quickly, its limited range is less of a concern.

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