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“Oko Ashawo” – The Lagos Taxi Driver



Oko Ashawo

Oko Ashawo”.

This is not exactly the most complimentary name to call anyone. However, I often wonder why the Lagos yellow Cab drivers do not oppose being called that.

Getting addressed as the husband of “women of easy virtue” isn’t exactly the most dignifying badge of honour to wear.

Anyway, a very interesting bunch, they are. I mean the “Oko Ashawos”.

They exude a certain air of self-importance. Their dispositions are typically unfriendly.  And they are very stingy with traffic favours.

For instance, in traffic, do not expect them to allow you get ahead of them in their lanes – no matter how much your pointer winks and begs for permission.

Another interesting thing about “Oko Ashawos” is this: they are very brutal with their fares.

Now, this is what I mean.

You flag down one of them. You inform him of your intended destination within the city. Then the shocker: he slams you with a fare that is sufficient to transport you to Accra.

Indeed, they don’t joke.

Then you make several attempts at negotiations. Your propositions fall on deaf ears.

As he drives away after a failed attempt to agree on an acceptable term – you anticipate that he would stop, reverse and admit that your term has been considered and accepted. But instead, he drives on, and fades into the distance.

No be their fault!

Thankfully, the insolent wings of the “Oko Ashawos” are about getting clipped.

Thanks to services like Uber and Taxify


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