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Ferrari Makes N28m Profit Per Car. See How Much Other Luxury Car Manufactures Make



Profit Per Car

Professor Ferdinand Dudenhoffer who is a German professor of economics became inquisitive wanting to know how much profit luxury car brands make on each car they sell. This led to his research which revealed surprising results.

At the top of the list is Italian car manufacturer, Ferrari, which makes an astonishing N28.8m ($80,100) on each car. On the contrary, some other car manufactures actually make loses.

See the result of Dudenhoffer’s research below:

FerrariN28.8 million ($80,100) profit per car

Porsche N7.1 million ($19,750)

Maserati: N2.1 million ($5,800).

Volvo: Theirs is a little lower than what Maserati makes

Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi: N1.26 million ($3,500)

Jaguar Land Rover: N334,000 ($929)


tesla car on road

Time to see the top losers.

Tesla: Loss of N4.6 million (-$12,800)

Bentley: Lost about N7.1 million (-$19,750). Seems to be offsetting the profit made on each Porsche as they are both under the same parent company. However, a bit of good news is the fact that number of Porsche manufactured outweighs the number of Bentleys.


Companies like Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini run a covert financial system that the public do not have access to.

Operating profit (profit before interest and taxes) was considered for the purpose of this research.

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