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Proposed Innoson Logo Vs The Old Logo. Which Do You Prefer?



Is there going to be a new Innoson logo?

Logos are a succinct and efficient way of communicating information about a business.

A logo is also an important part of a company’s brand and makes a significant impact on a company’s public perception. In fact, a logo is one of the most important branding investments a business can make.

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) understands this important fact.

The pioneer Nigerian automotive company is considering rebranding with a new logo.

In a recent tweet, the Innoson asked that its patrons and followers suggest whether to retain its old logo or adopt a proposed new Innoson logo, one designed by  Osuolale Farouq – a brand identity designer.

In the tweet, “Another logo for the African Pride #IVM. Let’s settle this.

Like for our current logo

Retweet for the new logo

Thanks @osuolale_farouq for the design”.

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co.

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co. Ltd., shortened as IVM, is a Nigerian automobile and bus manufacturing company. It was founded by Innocent Chukwuma and runs a plant in Nnewi in the state of Anambra.

The company has enjoyed the patronage of the State governments of Enugu, Ebonyi, Ekiti, Imo, Kogi, Anambra, Gombe, and Bauchi state, as well as Nigeria Military.

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Chief Innocent Chukwuma, Chairman, Innoson Group of Companies Nigeria limited, says the Federal government, under President Muhammadu Buhari, has given enormous patronage and support to his firm, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM).

Innoson vehicles are also being used in some West African countries like: Mali, Sierra Leone and Ghana.

70% of the car parts are produced locally, while the rest is sourced from Japan, China, and Germany.

Among IVM’s vehicle models are the five-seaters Fox (1.5-liter engine) and Umu (2-liter engine) as well as the mini-bus Uzo

Mercy Eke, the first female winner of Big brother Naija show, is currently the brand ambassador for Innoson Vehicles.

So, between the old logo and the proposed new Innoson logo, which do you prefer?

new Innoson logo

The proposed IVM Logo

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new Innoson logo

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  1. Amaka

    October 16, 2019 at 18:48

    That’s the image of the beast, the ancient serpent. The designer of this logo must have something sinister up his sleeve and I hope Innoson will not subscribe to using the image of Lucifer as his brand logo.

  2. Sunday

    October 17, 2019 at 08:07

    The new logo is so unique since the design is adopted from an hawk…. It looks so cute… I choose the new logo

  3. Matthew

    December 16, 2019 at 19:59

    Keep using the IVM logo, it’s better and it has gone far in Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world.

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