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Put Correct Otumokpo (Jazz) From Your Village In Your Car To Avoid Being Stolen – Police ACP



ACP of police

ACP of police

Aboyomi Shogunle is the Assistant Commissioner of Police. His official handle on Twitter is @YomiShogunle; it’s his verified account.

Aboyomi noted down some points on how we can keep our car safe; using Otumokpor (jazz) from your village is one of the points he made.

Read his tweet below;

Do one of;
Inscribe reg. no. on windscreens, windows & door handles.
Deploy steering wheel, pedal OR gearshift locks.
Use alarm/fuel cut system.
Install car tracker.
Put correct Otumokpo from your village in ur car.
Comprehensive insurance if you can.

police acp tweet

Some days ago, he wrote on how it’s a traffic violation to break into a siren blaring security convoy, you can read about it here.

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