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Report: Volkswagen Considering A Return Of The Beetle



At the beginning of 2020, Volkswagen waved goodbye to the Beetle ‘for the last time’ and with that, the book seemed closed for the most important Volkswagen ever (and its retro descendants). However, as a bolt from the blue, a futuristic new interpretation of the Beetle was released in June of this year. However, that was little more than a not-really-explained means of transport for an animated film. Volkswagen Group CEO explains to Autocar that ‘retro is a dead end’ – even though the ID Buzz emphasizes the retro content – and that he did not want to completely rule out the arrival of a new Beetle, but it at the time ‘not seriously considering it’.

Now, just four months later, the design chief of the Volkswagen Group, who took office at the end of last year, seems to have a slightly different view than his boss. Porsche’s Michael Mauer states: “We would be crazy to throw away a history of icons such as the Beetle, Bulli, and Golf.” It is striking that he mentions the Beetle (or Beetle). The Volkswagen Group further states that the group wants to become a ‘more design-driven company, ‘without forgetting our treasures’. Earlier, at the presentation of the Volkswagen ID.2all Concept, Volkswagen said about the new design language that it wants to take the ‘People’ in Volkswagen more seriously than it has done in a long time. That might also fit with a Beetle reincarnation. Never say never.

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