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Only Rolls-Royce Owners Can Buy This ₦97.5m Gold Pool Table (Photos)





You have to be Rolls-Royce owner before you can have access to the App to buy this “11 Ravens” Gold pool table that cost $250,000 (₦97.5 million).

The gold-plated pool table can be converted into table tennis table as well as a dining table.

Only five of them will be made.


Earlier this week, 11 Ravens; a company that specializes in making luxury game tables, revealed its latest creation — a gold pool table.

With a outrageous price tag of $250,000, the golden table; which cost almost the price of a brand new Lamborghini Aventador, is hardly cheap.


The gold-plated pool table features an interesting design that is inspired by stealth fighters.

The pool table is built with 14-carat solid gold sheets and black Lucite panels on an aluminum frame. It also includes LED lighting, custom billiard balls, and cue sticks.


The luxury pool table can be converted into a “Table Tennis” table or into a dining table using the included interchangeable tabletop.

Only five of them will be made. But the only way to buy this pool table is “through the exclusive Rolls-Royce App called Whispers“.

The App, developed by Rolls-Royce, caters solely to the needs of Rolls-Royce owners. It also offers highly-curated content and the possibility to connect with other Rolls-Royce owners.

To cut a long story short…


Even if you have a spare money like $250,000 (₦97.5 million) to burn on “11 Ravens” pool table, you have to be a Rolls-Royce owner before you can have access to the Whispers App.

11 Ravens believes the pool table is worth the price, as they describe their latest creation as ‘the luxury car of gaming tables’.

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