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The Rules Of Driving On An Expressway




An expressway is a high-speed road specially designed for traffic movement with minimum interruption. It is also necessary we remind you an expressway is certainly not a speed track.

There are several stern restrictions on an expressway. Those restrictions are given below;

  • No animals
  • No pedestrians or hawkers
  • No pedal cycles
  • No learner drivers
  • No stopping
  • No loading or unloading

While driving on the expressway

1. Concentrate:

Traffic travels faster on expressways than on ordinary roads, and you will need to fathom up traffic situations quickly. Use your mirrors, and concentrate always. Watch out for vehicles entering the expressway.

2. Keep your distance:

Do not get too close to the vehicle in front. Give the car(s) ahead of you a reasonable gap.

3. Maintain a Steady Speed:

Do not move in jerks. There are both minimum and maximum speed limits on the expressway. Apply the common sense speed limits and and don’t speed more than required.

4. Avoid Lane Hopping:

Stay in one lane unless when overtaking. If you have to overtake, do so smoothly and do not hop. Overtake only from the left. Remember the LOOK-SIGNAL-MOVE routine. Be sure to check blind spots.

5. Never Reverse on the Expressway:

Under no circumstance should you reverse on the expressway. If you miss your exit, go to the next one.

6. No Stopping:

Do not wait or stop on the expressway. If you have to stop, pull out to the hard shoulder and post a suitable and safe signal. You may put on your HAZARD LIGHTS.

7. Stop! If Sleepy:

Driving for long distances may make you feel sleepy. To help prevent this, make sure there is plenty of fresh air in your vehicle. Stop at a service area and walk around for a while. Get off the highway. Take a nap if necessary. Avoid the monotony of the expressway which may hypnotise you into a fatal error. Avoid fatigue or the effect of drugs. If you are in any doubt or feel unfit, STOP driving immediately.

8. Leaving the Expressway:

If you are not going to leave at the end of the expressway, you will leave by a slip road on your right. Watch for signs letting you know you are getting near your turnoff point, give a right turn signal, get into the extra lane (the deceleration lane) in order to slow down before you join the slip road.

If you miss your exit point, YOU MUST CARRY ON UNTIL YOU REACH THE NEXT ONE, do not reverse or turn back.

9.Be flexible:

Remember to alter your driving to suit the different conditions on the other roads after you leave the expressway.


An expressway is where you can’t afford to make careless mistakes for the sake of your safety and of other road users.

What are your experiences the first time you drove on an expressway? You can share with us using the comment section.

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