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Tesla Cars Will Soon Be Able To Talk To Drivers And Pedestrians, See Demonstration





All Tesla cars will soon be able to talk to other drivers and passengers.


Elon Musk has teased a new feature that enables Tesla cars to talk to other drivers and pedestrians.

In a video shared by the billionaire CEO of Tesla on twitter, a red Tesla Model 3 rolls by saying :

“Well just don’t stand there, hope in.”

The self-driving electric car then goes on to say “I didn’t practice that expression long.”

Elon Musk said in the video that :

“Teslas will soon talk to people if you want. This is real.”

Elon Musk also added that the feature could be used to produce a fart noise to warn pedestrians. It is not known when the function will become available.

The latest feature comes after Tesla installed a speaker beneath the front bumper of the Model 3 electric sedan.

In addition to playing pre-recorded clips to passers-by, the speakers will allow drivers to talk to pedestrians without opening a window.

Speakers on electric cars became necessary after electric carmakers were forced to installed it to comply with U.S and EU safety regulations.

The regulations require the near-silent electric cars to produce artificial noise to prevent pedestrian accidents — especially to the blind and visually impaired people.

Last year, Tesla added a Smart Summon feature that allows drivers to use smartphone to summon their car within 200 feet.