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The Truth about the Kevin Hart Car Accident



kevin hart car accident

kevin hart car accident

American actor and comedian, Kevin Hart has finally broken his silence since his September 1 car accident. Yesterday, he issued a formal statement through his lawyer, Andrew Brettler. This followed the release of the accident report by the California Highway Patrol.

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CHP Determines Kevin Car Accident Cause

After the incident report, the California Highway Patrol disassembled Kevin’s car to establish the cause of the crash. They laid bare the pieces of the entire car. After their investigation, they arrived at a shocking conclusion. The accident was caused by reckless driving.

None of the passengers wore their seat belts

There is no evidence of mechanical malfunctions. Also, there is no indication that any of the passengers were under the influence of alcohol. Jared Black, Kevin’s friend drove Kevin’s 1970 Plymouth Baraccuda that day. Kevin sat in the passenger seat and Rebecca Broxterman, Jared’s fiancé sat in the rear. The CHP incident report reveals that Jared endangered the lives of his friend and fiancé.

Kevin’s Car was his 40th Birthday Gift

kevin hart car accident

Jared underestimated the power of the car’s engine. He suddenly accelerated and lost control of the car. This caused the tyre in the right rear to break traction. The car went into a spin and crashed into an embankment. It broke through a fence on its way and collided with a tree head on. This tree was hit so hard it uprooted and rolled out of the way.

After recent modifications on the Baraccuda, the car used a 720-HP engine. It also featured a 6.4 litre Hemi V-8 supercharged engine. On impact, the car catapulted. The roof hit the tree. The top and sides of the car got smashed in. As a result, the doors would not open.

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Kevin Undergoes Recovery

Kevin is still under care and must receive physical therapy to fully recover from his injuries. Immediately after the crash, Kevin got out of the car. He left the scene to get help from his home which was nearby the crash. Jared and Rebecca, however, were trapped in the wreck. Both Jared and Kevin sustained serious injuries, but Rebecca escaped with minimal injuries.

Kevin fractured his spine in 3 places but expects to make full recovery. After surgery, he spent ten days in the hospital before release. Since then, he has taken things slowly, but he grows stronger. He made appearances to promote the movie, Jumanji: The Next Level. However, he plans to fully return to work early next year.

In Kevin’s statement, he confesses that he feels “lucky and extremely blessed”. He also says that he has nothing but love for his friend Jared and wished him and Rebecca a speedy recovery.

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