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These Types Of Vehicles Have Become Common Sights On Roads In Nigeria (PHOTOS)



It is the season of political campaigns in Nigeria.

As the nation grinds to another General Elections, politicians across all platforms and persuasion are currently engrossed in a campaign frenzy. Each attempts  to out-do their competition in terms of getting the widest attention of the electorates.

All manner of promotional tactics designed to convey their aspirations are being deployed.

However, a particular strategy that has become quite common is to brand their messages on vehicles.

On these vehicles, their campaign messages are done as full-body car wrapped or a single part of it.

Perhaps, due to its cost-effectiveness, politicians have adopted this campaign strategy.

These branded vehicles are an ubiquitous feature on roads all around the country.

Full-body or half-body wrapped campaign cars comes with a number of advantages.

For instance, apart from their cost-effectiveness, they can guarantee wider visibility. They can create the desired impact on thousands of electorate every day.

The mobile nature of this kind of campaign style ensures that a lot more people can be exposed to the messages. This is unlike the traditional and static billboard, banner, poster, etc.

See photos of some of these vehicles branded for political campaigns.


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