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This Man Painted A White Wall To Look Like A Bus (Photos)



Painting a wall to look like a bus is not something you see every day. It requires a creative mind to actualize, creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed. This painting right here is part of this creativity we are talking about.

The painter painted an ordinary wall to become a colorful dilapidated bus with shadow. Who would have thought of that?

This first picture below shows what the wall looked like before it was painted.

bus painted on wall

Below is a picture after the painting was done. The painter did a very amazing job because it really looks like a bus. The shadow of the painted bus is something else.

bus painted on wall

Here is a before and after picture. This merged picture will make you appreciate the painting more.

bus painted on wall

We say a very big kudos to the painter; he did a wonderful job.


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