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Toyota Is Testing High-efficiency Solar Cells That Can Charge-On-The-Go As Well As Add 35 Miles Range To Electric Cars



Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation, Sharp and NEDO have began testing Prius hybrid cars, that are  fitted with a new version of high efficiency solar panels, on public Japanese roads.

The new Sharp 860 watts solar-panels, which are wrapped on the bonnet, roof, rear hatch door and rear hatch door varnish of the plug-in Prius PHV, is designed to charge the battery-packs as it drives, and to add more than 35 Miles (or 56km) to its fossil fuel-free driving range.

In addition to boosting its power generation output, the demo car employs a system that charges the driving battery while the vehicle is parked and also while it’s being driven, a development that is expected to lead to considerable improvements in electric-powered cruising range and fuel efficiency.

Toyota is currently conducting the trials under various driving conditions in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, Tokyo, and other areas.

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