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Transtech Partners With Terrax Motors To Upgrade Nigerian Auto-Assembly Facilities




Transtech Partners With Terrax Motors - Welding shop

Welding shop

Transtech Industrial Consulting Limited

Transtech Industrial Consulting Limited is a pioneer Consulting Firm operating across industrial sectors with particular focus in the automobile industry and ancillary industries.

The Company provides tailored services to automotive practitioners. They develop business plans, introduce industrial/commercial partners and provide business strategic solutions on projects ranging from the automotive assembly, components manufacturing, and integrated manufacturing and even motorsports.

Services provided by Transtech include:

  • Site scoping
  • Feasibility and business planning
  • Operation planning and training
  • Factory design and safety reviews
  • Government approvals and professional registrations
  • as well as destination consulting and creative marketing amongst others

Transtech Industrial Consulting Limited has now partnered with Terrax motors to upgrade Nigeria assembly facilities to meet global standards.

Transtech Partners With Terrax Motors - Sub-assembly line

Sub-assembly line

Terrax Motors

Terrax Motors is a professional manufacturer and solution provider for automobile assembly and service equipment. The company provides a full package solution to clients including project assessment, design, purchase, production management, installation, commissioning and training.

Terrax is also in the trading of vehicles and consultation services. It has established Business relation with some well-known brands such as Isuzu, King Long, Sinotruk, Great Wall.

Terrax offers a substantial array of value-added consulting services including strategic sourcing and procurement, supplier management, transportation logistics and distribution etc.

Terrax motors is already working with many OEMs.

Through the partnership between Terrax Motors and Transtech Industrial Consulting, prospective assemblers in Nigeria don’t need to look further. A wide range of solutions are now available to meet clients′ demands, such as manual assembly line, semi-automatic and fully-automatic assembly line as well as flexible and tailored solutions for auto centers.

Transtech Partners With Terrax Motors - Painting shop

Painting shop


Transtech Partners With Terrax Motors - Shower Testing Booth

Shower Testing Booth


Transtech Partners With Terrax Motors - Automatic Headlight Tester

Automatic Headlight Tester

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