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Travelers Sleep By Roadside At Abuja Airport After They Were Driven Out By Airport officials (Photos)



travelers abuja airport

A Nigerian man whose username is on Instagram is Rotimiw, called out the staff at Abuja Airport after he alleged that he and other travelers at the International airport were pushed out in the middle of the night.

In his write-up on his Instagram page, he claimed the staff of Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport claimed they had closed by 2AM and no passenger will be allowed to sleep within the premises.

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travelers abuja airport
He wrote;

I thank God for hustle mentality, I have learned to make the most out of every situation. One thing is clear, Nigeria is an Under Developed Country, how do you have an international airport (Abuja) that closes and pushes people out at 2.20am in the morning (Christmas Morning) . People sleep outside on the floor, images most Nigerians will never see, but I thank God for this experience. We have a lot of work to do. #Nigeria


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