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Uber Launches A Minibus Service In Cairo, Egypt



Uber has launched a new minibus service in Egypt’s capital – Cairo.

Cairo is one of the US ride-sharing giant’s fastest-growing markets.

In an aggressive push into emerging countries, Uber hopes to draw millions of Egyptians into ride-sharing from chronically congested, pollution-filled urban landscapes and replace personal automobiles. The company is already investing $100 million into a Mideast and North Africa customer support.

According to the CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, “This is a product that we built for Cairo. It will now be the most affordable way to use Uber technology to get around the city,” he said. “I’m especially proud to add that Cairo is the first city globally to be rolling out Uber Bus.”

Microbuses – such as the ones Uber plans to use – are notorious in Cairo.

The Uber minibus service will also adhere to specific vehicle standards. The company has guaranteed Egyptians that when the reserve their seats on an Uber Bus using the Uber app, they will get to ride on a clean, air-conditioned, and high-quality bus.

“When you request your ride through the app, we will find other passengers traveling in the same direction so that you can get to your destination with fewer stops. And, because you are sharing your ride with other Uber passengers, the price is affordable enough for everyday use, while still maintaining Uber standards. We are thrilled that Cairo is the first city in the world to launch Uber Bus,” reads a statement by Uber announcing Uber Bus.

How Uber Bus works in Egypt

  1. Request: Enter your destination, select the Bus option, review your fare, and then tap request
  2. Wait up to 5 minutes to see your trip details. We use this time to match you with other riders’ on the most suitable route for you, making sure you don’t go out of your way.
  3. You will see the information about your trip in the app: driver information and pickup spot. At this point, your seat on a clean, air-conditioned vehicle, has been reserved. You can track the Bus on the way to your pick-up spot.
  4. Walk to the pickup spot you see on the map and make sure you arrive before your bus gets to the pickup spot. The bus will only wait 2 minutes at the pickup spot so don’t be late!
  5. Scan the barcode, show your ticket to your driver, pay your driver with cash or through the app as you get in the bus, and enjoy your ride in your personal seat on the clean, safe, air-conditioned bus.
  6. When you get closer to your destination, we will find the best drop off spot that is close to your final destination and works for the route you are on. You will receive a notification letting you know when to get off the Uber Bus and you can see walking directions to your final destination in the app.


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