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Unplug Your Electric Cars During Lockdown – Expert



Owners of Electric car have been advised to unplug their cars when not in use during the lockdown.  This is coming from EV experts.

According to these experts, it helps to unplug an EV during a long period of inactivity will reduce the risk of battery damage.

Keeping an EV permanently on the charge could cause issues, leasing company Arval warns. A consultant to the firm, David Watts, said it’s good practice to only charge to 80 per cent battery capacity if 100 per cent isn’t required for your journey. Unplugging the car battery can reduce battery degradation and maintain its efficiency over time.

“Leaving an EV plugged in and keeping it continuously charged to 100 per cent has the potential to damage the battery”.

“Experienced EV users may know this already, but in recent months, we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of electric car drivers. So, many people may not be aware of the risk.”

The influx of new electric car owners is partly because of new company car tax rules, giving a zero per cent benefit-in-kind (BiK) tax rate for the first year.

New car registration figures for March 2020 show electric cars took almost a five per cent share of the market.

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