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Weird Looking eBussy Modular EV Can Transform Into 10 Body Styles



With Electric Vehicle now becoming a common thing now, it’s obvious that manufacturers are always looking to try something new. That is when the eBussy comes in with this modular vehicle that can transform into 10 different body styles. The company responsible for this creation is Electric Brands and its a German-based company. Let’s go deeper to see what’s so special about this 1st of its kind vehicle.

The intriguing eBussy is underpinned by an electric platform and is fully modular, meaning it can be transformed from a regular minivan into a tipper truck, a pickup, and various other forms. The eBussy can be easily converted from left- to right-hand drive, or even centre-drive. This is done by simply sliding the steering wheel across the dashboard. This ability to adjust the driving position is due to the fact that the vehicle uses drive-by-wire technology and doesn’t have a steering wheel or pedals that are mechanically connected to the front wheels.

On the engine, the eBussy comes with a tiny 10kWh battery pack that does 124 miles. However, an optional 30kWh battery is available, bumping up the range to 373 miles. Driving the wheels are in-hub electric motors that produce just 20hp but, at the same time, an extremely impressive 737 lb-ft of torque.

All eBussy comes with a solar panel in the roof and the vehicle also uses a brake energy recovery system. Charging stations will be deployed by the company for easy recharge. There are no figures yet on how long it will take the battery to charge.

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