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Volkswagen: No Plans For ID Buzz Camper Version At The Moment



Rumours have previously circulated about a camper version of the Volkswagen ID Buzz, even with a negative tone. In August, a German magazine claimed that a camper Buzz would be too heavy for a passenger car driver’s license, but according to Volkswagen’s Lars Krause, this is not true. The Sales and Marketing Chief of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles told Autocar that these types of technological challenges are there to be overcome. According to Krause, there is a completely different reason why there will be no ID Buzz camper for the time being: there is simply no market for it. “We always start [when developing a new product, ed.] with the market. Looking at the market figures and our customers, it appears that the need for such a type of vehicle—an electric camper—is simply not there yet.”

The fact that this is the case now does not mean that it will never change. Krause expects increasing demand in the second half of this decade and does not rule out that a Volkswagen ID Buzz California will emerge sometime between 2025 and 2030.

Volkswagen vans that are used as campers are almost as old as the Volkswagen van itself. The appearance of the electric ID Buzz is inspired by the earliest T1 and T2 buses, so it is not surprising that enthusiasts occasionally call for a camper based on this Buzz. This is reinforced by the fact that Volkswagen is one of the few brands to offer camper vans themselves, in the form of the California series based on the Transporter and the Crafter.

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