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WATCH: Bentley Bentayga’s Headlight Washing System Is Out Of This World



Bentley Bentayga is unlike any other sport utility vehicle in the world. This powerful, all-terrain, all-purpose off-roader offers an exceptional driving experience.

As well as having the most technically advanced engine in its category, the word’s fastest SUV also has one of the coolest headlight washing system.

When the system on the luxury SUV is activated, a small arm carrying the washer jumps out from the center of the outermost headlight .

Then the arm squirts out a little bit of cleaning fluid onto the main headlight, washing away any mud and dirt that may have caked onto it.

Seriously, this amazing little feature is out of this world and if you weren’t aware of it, you’d be a bit startled when it is activated next to you in traffic.

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