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22 Car Parts That Are Related To The Human Body



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In recent times, cars are becoming more like human especially with autonomous features.. They are beginning to have artificial intelligence but all didn’t start today as we will be looking at some car parts and features that are closely related to that of human beings

Even if these car parts are largely made of hard metals and plastics, their functions are related to some of our body parts which are soft flesh, bones etc.

Car Parts Vs Human Parts

1) ECU (Electronic Control Unit) – Brain

2) Engine and fuel pump – Heart

3) Air intake – Nose and lungs

4) Exhaust – Anus

5) Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) – Fingerprint 

6) Wheels – Legs and hands 

7) Fuel – Food 

8) Fuel tank – Stomach

9) Ball joints – elbow and knee

10) Horn – Mouth 

11) Car diagnostic scan – Human vital signs/Medical scan 

12) Car structural frame – Skeletal system

13) Engine torque – strength

14) Engine oil and other fluids – Blood and body fluids

15) Car chassis – human spinal cord

16) Oil and fuel filters – the kidneys

17) Shock absorbers – cartilages 

18) Fuel and radiator filler – Mouth to eat and drink 

19) Windscreen wipers – Eye lashes

20) Tyres – Shoes 

21) Headlight and windscreen – Eyes

22) Turbo and super chargers – steroids


There are too many to mention.. you can add yours in the comment section and feel free to correct the parts that are wrongly paired.. 

If you are not sure what to add, just tell us the human part that relates to a car’s gear/transmission and wiring system.

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