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10 Facts About the U.S. Presidential Car



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Too much isn’t known about the US President’s love of rides, but he obviously rides one of the most exclusive cars in the world. The Cadillac limousine, often caller “The Beast,” is tasked with the official responsibility of transporting America’s chief executive. Although, the Beast functions out of the Secret Service’s classified automobile pool, there are still some specifications that haven’t been leaked on this car in years; of which you’ll get to know today.

  1. It is not really a Cadillac.

The Beast has some common similarities with a standard production automobile which makes it unlike any other state presidential car. The car is loaded with diesel engine and chassis which are based on the ones used in the Chevrolet Kodiak; a highly reliable vehicle.

  1. It Has its own Airplane

The Secret Service uses a C-17 Globemaster transport aircraft to transport and move The Beast whenever the president is travelling, due to its weight as a second limo and an heavily armored Chevrolet Suburban  vehicle. The Suburban has been nicknamed “Roadrunner” as it is a rolling communications post, it is also directly connected to a military satellite.

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  1. The Beast is More than Armoured

No other vehicle across the globe could be tagged “armored” other than the limousine. The armored plating on this car is said to be exactly 8 inches thick while the door weighs as heavy as the doors of a Boeing 757 aircraft. The armour extends to the windows, which is a 5 inch thick bulletproof. The gigantic tyres also allow the Beast to step on any road and keep moving through a wide range of distance.

  1. It is exceedingly equipped

The car’s trunk is well equipped with firefighting equipment and oxygen tanks matching the President’s blood type. The presence of other equipment like shotguns, tear gas canisters and grenade launchers is a result of President John F. Kennedy’s Lincoln Continental, which got fired on Elm Street, in Dallas, Texas.

  1. It holds seven passengers

The seats in the Beast occupies up to seven passengers, including the President’s lead Secret Service agent in the front seat, the driver, and the president himself, other seats available at the back is still up to four. The four seats settings are; three rearward facing spots on a bench while one other is next to the President for a guest.

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  1. The Beast is never alone

The Beast also has other vehicles built like it, it’s not alone. However, little fact is known about whether or not they function well, while some look like a Cadillac DTS, other than the Beast. Other limousines are used for transporting high ranking officials and President’s guests when they’re in Washington D.C. Another automobile choice for the President’s transportation is the highly armoured Chevrolet Suburban.

  1. It runs on Diesel Engine

The car uses a Duramax diesel engine which has close relation with that of Chevrolet and GMC’s heavy duty trucks. The fact is that the diesel fuel runs on low volatility which has a reduced risk of exploding.

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  1. Its pilot is a heck of a Driver

Although, the Beast is more of a school bus than a sports car, its well-trained drivers could still perform some police evade stunts and techniques in case anything goes wrong on the highways. The highly professional Secret Service drivers have undergone a lot of extensive trainings on a specific site; strictly military based.

  1. Its specifications might not impress You

The Beast looks impressive but the specifications will not get you wanting. To hit a 60mph from a total stop, will take up to16 seconds, and the car’s maximum speed is just about 60mph, not impressive. The weight of the big car makes it sip fuel so fast at a rate of 8mpg.

  1. It is due for exile.

The Beast has really served the US President, through his inauguration and all through the previous year; it has really proved worthy of a ride. The Beast should be on its farewell tour as the President might want to have a new choice of a ride. That doesn’t make it less anyways, it’s still The Beast.

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