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The Top 10 World’s Most Powerful Passports In 2019



world's most powerful passport 2019

world's most powerful passport 2019

The information we used for this ranking is according to the latest Henley Passport Index. The ranking is based on the number of destinations their holder can access without a prior visa. The ranking is based on exclusive data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which maintains the world’s largest and most accurate database of travel information.

This is how it is calculated:

For each travel destination, if no visa is required for passport holders from a country or territory, then a score with value = 1 is created for that passport. A score with value = 1 is also applied if passport holders can obtain a visa on arrival, a visitor’s permit, or an electronic travel authority (ETA) when entering the destination. These visa-types require no pre-departure government approval, because of the specific visa-waiver programs in place.

Where a visa is required, or where a passport holder has to obtain a government-approved electronic visa (e-Visa) before departure, a score with value = 0 is assigned. A score with value = 0 is also assigned if passport holders need pre-departure government approval for a visa on arrival, a scenario we do not consider ‘visa-free’.

The total score for each passport is equal to the number of destinations for which no visa is required (value = 1), under the conditions defined above.

In a nutshell, some passports are more powerful and hence offers more freedom.

Below are the world’s most powerful passports in 2018.

It’s cool you note that some positions have ties.

1. Japan:

With the Japanese passport, you can comfortably travel to 190 destinations around the world.


2. Singapore, South Korea:

For the second most powerful passport in the world, there is a tie between Singapore and South Korea. With these two Asian passports, you can travel to 189 destinations around the world.


3. France, Germany:

The two passports can travel to a total of 188 destinations around the globe. In the beginning of 2018, Germany took the first spot as the most powerful passport in the world.


4. Denmark, Finland, Italy, Sweden:

The four countries joined at the fourth position can make it to 187 destinations with their passport.


5.Luxembourg, Spain:

The two passports can get its holders to 186 locations around the world.

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6. Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States:

At this sixth position, the passports here have access to 185 destinations.


7. Belgium, Canada, Greece, Ireland:

The passports have access to 184 destinations.


8. Czech Republic:

The lone passport sitting pretty on the eighth position can get into 183 destinations.

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9. Malta:

The passport have access to 182 destinations.


10. Australia, Iceland, New Zealand:

The passports have access to 181 destinations.



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