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10 Skills Women Who Drive Cars Should Have



This is not intended to be a sexist article.

However, the reality is that – relative to men – far more women are clueless about how their cars work, and what they need to do to maintain and keep them running smoothly.

Perhaps, this accounts for why women are mostly cheated – or overcharged – by mechanics and other car technicians.

At Autojosh, we highlight some skills that every female driver– and indeed, a lot of menfolk – should possess, that would one day save them from unpleasant driving experiences.


How to Change a Tyre

 Changing tyres are inevitable.

No matter how much we dread it, a day will come when we would experience a deflated car tyre – and perhaps, at a location where help will not be anywhere in sight. This is the reason why every female car driver should be equipped with the skill needed to change a deflated car tyre.


How to Check Your Oil

 Checking the oil level is a very easy task.

To do this, first locate the dipstick. Pull it out, wipe the oil off, push it back in, and then remove it once again. Then check the small indication levels to see how far the oil runs up the dipstick.

See. It is that simple.

How to Check Fluid Levels

 Besides petrol and engine oil, there are other fluids that is required by cars to remain in proper working condition.

For instance, radiators need coolant; the transmission and brake need oiling, windscreen sprayers need liquid, power steering needs oiling, etc.


How to Jump-Start a Car Battery

For a myriad of reasons, your car battery can suddenly drain out. At such times, you would need to jump-start your car with a charged battery.

If you do not have the requisite skill to achieve this – it could render you stranded. This is why it is important to know how this is done. It also helps if you keep a pair of jumper cables in your car boot.

How to Check Tyre Pressure

Driving around with over-inflated or under-inflated tyres is dangerous.

This is why it is advised that car owners should buy a tyre-pressure gauge. A knowledge of how it is used can help in avoiding some potentially hazardous driving experience. Also, driving on good pressure helps to minimize a car’s fuel consumption. So, you see, it is a win-win situation for you.

Know the Meaning of the Warning Lights

There are several warning indicator lights on our car dashboards. They are not all there to make your car look pretty. They are all there for good reasons –sometimes, life-saving reasons. Take them seriously.

Understand the messages each light (indicator) was designed to pass across to you. For instance, the check-engine light means that there is a malfunction in your engine. There are also a low fuel light, a fasten seatbelt light, and a light to indicate that one of your car doors is open, etc.


Keep A Maintenance Log

Develop a habit of keeping a record of when last a maintenance job was done on your car. This is a very important routine.

To do this, keep a logbook and record the dates that a mechanic performs maintenance service on your vehicle. Another way is to tape a piece of duct-tape somewhere in the engine or under your dashboard and write the date there.

Learn How to Drive in an Inclement Weather Condition

 There will be conditions, or terrains, that you will find yourself that would make safe driving difficult. For instance, in very harsh weather conditions, like very heavy rainfall, storms, snow, etc., it is important to have the skill needed to navigate your car through such conditions.

Learn How to Drive a Manual Transmission Car

 Indeed, there will always be that emergency where the only available car is a manual transmission car. Sadly – you only know how to drive an automatic transmission car.

At such moments, you suddenly realize the folly in you not ever taken time to learn how to drive a manual transmission car.

Keep an Emergency Roadside Kit

 Always have in your car an emergency roadside kit. Be conversant with every item in the kit.  But essentially, know how to use them. You never can tell which and when you will need them.


How to Turn On Your Hazard Light

Actually, this ought to be the first item on this list. However, knowing how to turn on your hazard light – or as it is more popularly referred to in Nigeria, “Double Indicator”, “Double Trafficator” – is very important.

When on, this the hazard light draws attention to your car. It cautions other motorists that there is something wrong with your car and that it could be potentially hazardous to them. For instance, it is used when your car break down in the middle of the road, or when you are badly parked on the side of the road such that part of your car is sticking out into the road and constitute a hazard, etc.

The hazard lights are usually activated by pressing a button on the dashboard that looks like a red triangle.






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