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The 3 Categories Of Road Signs You Need To Know



a road sign

a road sign

As we all know, driving in Nigeria is a very serious business and utmost care and attention is required. Being a good driver is not all about moving the car; total concentration and obedience to the laid down traffic rules also matters.

From the beginning to the end of the journey, every driver is expected to be alert and safety conscious at all times. The driver should always watch out for road signs, signals and markings which provide useful information.

Every driver is expected to have a thorough knowledge of traffic signs, signals and road markings. Road signs are made of various shapes and colours to direct, warn or inform drivers about traffic regulations, special hazards and other road conditions, construction areas, speed limits and so on.

The road signs are categorized into three, namely, regulatory, warning and informative signs.

1. Regulatory Signs:

They are mostly circular in shape.  The ones with background and red or yellow circles are prohibitive signs, while mandatory signs are those with blue circles but without red borders. They give positive instructions to drivers, examples. ‘Diversion’, ‘One Way’, ‘Round-About’, ‘Pedestrian Track’, etc.’

2. Warning Signs:

These are usually triangular in shape with red borders. They warn drivers of hazards ahead. Examples are, ‘Stop’, ‘No U-Turn’, ‘No Horn’, ‘No Overtaking’, and ‘No Parking’, etc.

3. Informative Signs:

Informative signs are usually rectangular in shape and provide guidance, information to drivers. They include Parking, Hospital, Telephone, Town, Airport, and Construction Zone signs.

There are many road signs most Nigerian motorists don’t know their meaning. Here are the 18 Common Road Signs That Most Motorists In Nigeria Don’t Know Their Meanings.


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