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5 Movies You Should See If You Love Cars And Speed (Part 2)



Its weekend folks, let’s get entertained !!. If you have not seen part one of this article, you should definitely check it out here : 9 Movies Car And Speed Lovers Should Watch

Let’s get right in.

1. Johnny English Reborn

It features the famous Mr Bean(Rowan Atkinson).In this movie he is a spy who works for British intelligence, as you can imagine there would be a lot of high tech devices, stunts and of course humour !.What really got me attracted to this movie is the self driving Rolls Royce Phantom, with voice control and recognition. Check out a short video  :


Even though its not a very recent movie, Queen Lateefah did justice to this movie. She is a taxi driver, who has always had a dream of driving in NASCAR, so she pimped her regular taxi into an aggressive machine. The awesome part is she can switch between regular mode and hyper mode !….I am done letting the cat out of the bag. Here is the trailer :

3.Get Away

Almost the entire length of this movie shows the awesomeness of a Shelby GT500 Super Snake Mustang. It is said that thirteen of this car was wrecked worth a total of $1.23 million(approx 443 Million Naira !!), just to make this movie. Check out the trailer  :

4.Baby Driver

After Transporters, he is one of the most badass drivers I have ever watched in a movie .You should definitely watch this .Here is the trailer :

5.Black Panther

Who has not heard of Black Panther, seriously ?.The car that stole the spotlight in this movie is the 2018 Lexus  LS 500. Watch the trailer specially made for Lexus :



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