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5 Reasons Why Your Car Makes Louder Noise Than Normal



car with much engine noise

There are cars that come with different louder engine sounds. These cars are modified. And their exhaust systems are totally different from the one we can always find in conventional unmodified cars.

When he sound coming out from your car start increasing above normal, just know that something somewhere could have gone wrong; hence the cause of the abnormal sound.

This noise problem can be analogous to check engine/service engine light on your dashboard, it can be as simple as a bad spark plug and as serious as a failing muffler or catalytic converter.

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Below are the reasons why your car is crying louder than it should:

1. Damaged Exhaust System:

This damage can come up as a result of the driver hitting something while on the road and causing damage to the exhaust system. Hitting the exhaust on something alone does not cause this, rusting of the exhaust system can gradually make your car sound noisier.
Damage to any of these parts – manifold, front pipe, tail pipe – can cause loud noises to emanate from the car.

2. Bad or failing muffler:

The function of the muffler is to reduce the noise level of the engine. When they are bad due to one thing or the other like rust, weather, constant exposure to heat etc, the mufflers will start having holes and cracks. If this muffler is affected, the noise coming from your car will as well be affected. It will be loud.

3. Failing catalytic converter:


Catalytic converters burn off the unburnt hydrocarbons in the exhaust or breakdown the sulfur created by the engine. When the catalytic converter is bad or failing, the engine sound is louder than normal and this indirectly affects the mileage of your car. A failing catalytic converter will trigger the check engine light on your dashboard.

4. Worn out seals or gasket:

If the few seals and gasket of the exhaust system are failing, I will cause the engine to run louder.

5. Bad spark plug:


Bad spark plug can be a source of engine misfire which can make a car to run louder. Once the spark plug is not doing its work of igniting the fuel in the combustion chamber, the fuel won’t be completely ignited and your car will misfire or sputter.

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