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5 Steps To Estimate The Cost Of Shipping Your Car From USA To Nigeria



The number of people that buy their cars from USA and ship to Nigeria themselves has been on the increase in recent times. Thanks to the global village we now live in. Every single step from buying and paying to pick up and shipping can now be done from the comfort of your home. Sure, you can now buy your car in USA and ship it to your doorstep as seen in this post titled 7 steps to buy your car from USA and ship to Nigeria without leaving your bedroom.

After you’ve identified the car you want to buy, it’s only logical to verify the amount it will cost you to ship it to Nigeria as well as how much it will cost to clear it through Nigeria Customs. We at Autojosh don’t want you to make the mistake of buying your car from Hawaii which is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean 4,116 kilometers from mainland USA all in the name of “I want to buy my car from USA”. So today we’ll be teaching you the little way you can use to calculate the estimated amount it will cost you to ship your car from wherever it’s located in USA to Nigeria. 

Cost Of Shipping Your Car From USA To Nigeria

1. Ascertain the location of the car you want to buy: Every car that is available for sale is always listed with it’s location. If the location is not listed, that’s a red flag. Despite the fact that the location is listed, the onus still lies on you not to mix up the Jacksonville in the state of Arkansas with the Jacksonville in Florida because similar names can be found on locations that are far apart. Also make sure you don’t mix up the state codes like someone who mistakenly bought a car in the state of Oregon thinking the car was in Orlando, Florida. He thought the car was in Orlando when he saw (OR) in the address not knowing that (OR) is the code for Oregon State. Such simple mistakes can cost you about $750.

2. Search for the seaport that is closest to the purchase location: If you don’t know the location of the seaports you can export your car through, you can check the list of seaports through which cars ship to Nigeria HERE

3. Use a trucking cost estimator to check the estimated trucking cost: A trucking cost calculator may be available on the website the car is listed. is one of the other websites that gives free estimates for trucking services. Once you land on the website, click the “Get a Free Estimate” and navigate your way through. Kindly note that the figure that will be revealed is an average cost. Therefore, the actual may be a little more or less. For a more precise cost, is the website to visit, however, access to the website comes at a cost.

Shipping Your Car From USA To Nigeria

4. Add ocean freight cost to the trucking cost: Ocean freight via RoRo is usually $800 from most ports but $900 from Texas. A 40ft container which will contain up to 4 cars ships for $3,200 and $4,000 so you may pay about $900 if you are shipping one car. Now that you have the cost of shipping your car from the US port of exit to the Nigerian port of entry, add the ocean freight to the trucking cost to get your total shipping cost.

5. Be ready for an additional cost if the car is not in proper working condition or the title document has an issue. Some of the issues the car might have is missing keys, extensive body damage, stuck wheels, tyre problem, battery issues etc. In some of these cases, the car will be booked as a non-runner which comes at a fee. One issue you can have with the title document at some ports is improper reassignment of title document to the exporter (i.e the exporter’s name is different from the name on the title document). If the title document of the car is not properly re-assigned to the person that is exporting it, the shipping agent may need to do some extra paper work, courier of documents and title rejection fee may be charged if the issue was detected after the title was already delivered at the port. The entire additional cost can be as low as $50 or as high as $400. It can even be more than $400 depending on the peculiarity of the issue.

I hope this little piece of information about how to estimate the cost of shipping your car from USA to Nigeria is enough to guide you when shopping for your next car from USA. If you have any question, drop it in the comment section. If you are veteran and you want us all to learn some more from you, we’ll like you to drop additional insight in the comment section.

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1 Comment

  1. ayodeji

    November 26, 2020 at 15:21

    please how much is total amount to ship toyota 2004 to nigeria with your company in naira

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