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50 Weird Traffic Laws From Around The World



Traffic laws are instituted to ensure sanity and safety on the road.

Different nations, territories, and regions create these laws to suit their unique traffic challenges and environment.

To an outsider, some of these traffic laws might come across as a bit absurd, awkward, hilarious, etc. Hey, we just can’t help but admit that some of them are straight up ridiculous.

However, there is always a story behind why some specific traffic laws became necessary.

Autojosh present 50 Weird Traffic Laws From Around the world.




  1. In Russia and Romania, you can be fined for driving a dirty car.

  1. In Denmark, the law states that you must check under your car before driving to ensure that no one – especially children – is hiding beneath your car.


  1. In Cyprus, it is illegal to eat or drink anything while driving.


  1. In Switzerland, you cannot wash your car on a Sunday.


  1. In South Africa, you can be fined if you fail to slow down or stop for passing herds of animals.


  1. In Luxembourg, all cars must have windshield wipers, even if they do not have a windshield.


  1. In Japan, it is against the law to splash mud or water on a pedestrian.


  1. In German, it is strictly illegal to stop or break down for any reason on the “Autobahn” or federal controlled highway (which includes being out of fuel).


  1. In Ohio, it is illegal to let your pet molest a vehicle!


  1. In Alabama, it is illegal to drive blindfolded. However, it is acceptable for you to drive the wrong way down a one-way street as long as you have a lantern attached to the front of your car.


  1. In Mariette, Georgia, USA, it is illegal to spit from a moving car, but you can spit from a moving truck.


  1. In Evanston, Illinois,  USA, it is against the law to change clothes inside a car with drawn curtains except when the car is on fire.


  1. In Oklahoma, USA,  the law forbids one to read a comic book while driving.


  1. In Michigan, there is a law there that prohibits people from sitting in the middle of the road reading a newspaper.


  1. In Denver, Colorado, USA, it is illegal to drive a black car on Sundays.


  1. In Montana, USA,  you cannot keep a sheep unescorted in a truck.


  1. In Minnesota,  USA, driving across state lines with a duck on your head is unlawful.


  1. In Massachusetts, USA,  it is illegal to drive with a gorilla in the backseat of your car.

  1. In Minnesota, USA, gorillas can ride in the car with you, but it is unlawful for them to seat at the front seat.


  1. In Florida, USA, if an elephant is tied to a parking meter, the owner must deposit money in the meter.


  1. In Manila, Philippines, you cannot drive on Mondays if your number plate ends in a 1 or 2.


  1. In Alaska, it is illegal to tie a dog to the roof of your vehicle.

  1. In California, USA, it is illegal to jump from a car driving at 65mph and above.


  1. In Singapore, it is unlawful for a motorist to stay a distance of less than 50feet from pedestrians. Especially at zebra crossings.


  1. In California, it is unlawful for a vehicle without a driver to exceed a speed of 60mph.


  1. In San Francisco, it is against the law to wipe or dry your car with used panties or other underwear.


  1. In Nigeria, you can be subjected to a psychiatric test if you are caught using violating traffic light rules, using a mobile phone while driving, or route violations.


  1. In California, you break the law when you use a road as a bed.


  1. In California and Tennessee, it is legal to shoot at an animal from your car, unless it is a whale.


  1. In Greece, if a car is parked illegally, the police can unscrew and take away the license/number plate.


  1. In Serbia, all cars are required to have a hook in order to be able to tow the car. Drivers are also expected to have a cord of at least 3 meters long.


  1. In China, it is illegal to stop for pedestrians. This law is specifically strict in Beijing.


  1. In Thailand, it is against the law to travel topless. This law applies to both men and women, regardless of whether you’re driving a bike, car or tricycle.


  1. In France, it is a legal requirement for motorists to carry their own breathalyzer. Drivers can get a fine for breaking this law.


  1. In Italy, your pet needs to have a seat belt.

  1. In Ohio, you cannot consecutively drive around the town square more than 100 times.


  1. In Spain, drivers are expected to have a pair of sunglasses in the car at all times to avoid the risk of not being able to see on particular sunny days.


  1. Florida, USA, it is illegal to go skateboarding on the street without a license.


  1. In Alaska, USA, it is illegal to drive with a dog attached by its teeth to the roof of a vehicle.


  1. In Mariette, Georgia, you cannot spit from a moving car but you can spit from a moving truck.


  1. In Oregon, USA, it is legal to drive on the sidewalk, but not yelling a warning at pedestrian first is illegal.

  1. In Croatia and the Czech Republic, it is expected that you keep an extra set of headlights and tail lights bulbs in your car in case one burns and you need to switch.


  1. In Arkansas, USA, it is against the law to blare your horn in front of restaurants after 9 pm.


  1. In Kentucky, USA, it is illegal for women to drive in a bikini, except they are accompanied by two police officers, or if they have an instrument of self-defense.

  1. In Germany, it is legal to drive naked, but you must have your shoes on. In Germany, your car is considered your personal space.


  1. In Iceland, you are not covered by car insurance if you park your car very close to a volcano.


  1. In Cyprus, you cannot drink any liquid while driving – not even water.


  1. In Costa Rica., enjoying a beer whilst driving is actually legal. However, getting too intoxicated is illegal.


  1. In the Scandinavia, all cars need to have their headlights on at all time (24hours daily) – even at mid-day.


  1. In Nigeria, it is illegal to paint your car in “Army Green” colour. An Act “Army Colour (Prohibition of Use) Act” provides that it is illegal to paint a private car in the colour known colloquially as ‘army green’.

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