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8 Types of Drivers You Will See On Nigerian Roads



There are various types of people one can encounter driving on our roads. We have decided to categorize them so you know where you fall under. On our roads, there are those with sense; the senseless ones, and finally, those that might not have sense again.
Be it as it may, it’s very interesting driving on our roads.

Below are the various types of drivers you see every day on Nigerian Roads.

1. The Professional drivers:

They are called professional because they can drive in Lagos traffic and come out unscratched. They get mind.
If you have been driving for 20 years but haven’t driven in Lagos, please you’re still a learner. Don’t dare to call yourself a pro. This goes only to the Lagos state drivers.
nigerian taxi driver

2. The Cursers/Abusers:

Many of Nigerian drivers are victims of this actually. They don’t find it hard to rain abuses on other road users. ‘Your father!’, ‘thunder fire you’, ‘Yeye man’, ‘Ewu’ are the curse word we likely use.
Just make any little mistake and you’ll be accused of being a blood-sucking demon.
Is raining abuses it in our DNA?

3. The Deviants:

This type of drivers will always try to make way where there is no way; they create their own lanes when there is a lot of traffic. They are the impatient drivers and are fund of causing lot more traffic jam. They are the ‘one-way-guys’. They will just wait for their leader (the driver wey get morale pass) to initiate this action and others will follow up. Then after passing like10 cars, they will try to squeeze in their car back to the right queue. The unfortunate ones get caught by road enforcement agents while the sharp ones scale through.
Do you think being on traffic queue make them feel stupid?
danfo switching lane

4. Bullion van and escorts drivers:

These guys are experts but are often intoxicated with the little duty entrusted to them. They can be reckless and sharp at the same time. Their driving is very rough. They switch lanes as they want. Shey dem carry money.

5. Racers:

Take a trip to Abuja and see those politician’s kids trying out “Fast & Furious”. The good roads of the federal capital territory are a perfect racetrack. Our dear President’s son is a perfect example.
There is no speed limit here in Nigeria, this makes people blow any speed they feel like.

6. The Mr Right:

These set of drivers always claim to be right about whatever thing they do on the road, even when they are wrong. You know them by what comes out from the mouth. They argue a lot. They issue out lots of corrections and are good at complaining.

7. The Learners:

It is not very hard to spot them on roads. They always drive with their big ‘L’ tag in front and behind their cars.

8. Crazy Honker:

They will always honk even when the road is very free and there is no obstruction in sight. Some folks just like horn and can’t help but frequently use it every now and then.


Emeka is a Contributor at Autojosh. A graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering with a B.Eng degree. Emeka is a car enthusiast who is interested in traveling, writing, movies and driving. He also loves drinking garri with cold water.