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Bus Driver En-route South-East, Parks On 3rd Mainland Bridge After Falling Sick In Motion (Photos)



Bus Driver Fell Sick In Motion

Bus Driver who fell sick on transit

A bus driver en-route south-east has been rescued by Rapid Response Squad after he fell ill in motion on the 3rd Mainland Bridge. RRS officers contacted the management of the company the driver works for to inform them of the development. They also called an ambulance to the scene to help take him to hospital.

In a tweet by RRS about bus driver that fell sick in motion, they wrote;

RRS officers on patrol intercepted this vehicle parked on 3MB, causing traffic. They discovered the driver who was enroute the South-East region, got ill in motion and parked the vehicle. We have contacted the mgt. of his company and an ambulance.

image of Bus Driver who fell sick while driving

The bus driver did well by not stretching himself beyond limits; it could have been worst if he had continued the journey.

It is possible the driver was feeling drowsy which can be very dangerous because drowsy driving can make you feel more stressed and more impatient.

There are many things you can do to avoid being drowsy while driving. To find out some of the most effective strategies you can use to drive safe, click on the link HERE.

See more photos below;

image of a bus on 3rd mainland bridge

image of Bus Driver who fell sick while driving

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