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You Can Convert Your Truck Into a Camper With This Trailer Add-On (PHOTOS)




Truck Into a Camper With This Trailer Add-On

Those who want something similar to an RV or trailer without the enormous amount of space those vehicles take up have a new option to turn to: a detachable camper unit that sits in the body of a truck.

The new truck-camper brand Scout from Adventurer Manufacturing is releasing a portable unit that will allow you to travel more freely off the grid.

Truck Into a Camper With This Trailer Add-On

The unit—called Scout Olympic–starts at $19,980. It’s the first model of what will be a fleet of Scout campers in different sizes and with various features. The Olympic sleeps up to six people, has a pop-up rooftop tent, and fits various brands of pickup trucks. The customizable unit is lightweight and requires little energy to operate.

Amenities include an indoor/outdoor cooktop, dining table, fridge, freezer, power station, and even a propane fireplace perfect for travel year-round. “It has everything you need and nothing that you don’t,” the description reads.

Truck Into a Camper With This Trailer Add-On

By far the best part is that it supports off-grid travel, meaning you don’t have to limit yourself to campsites. The camper comes with a monocrystalline solar panel and portable lithium battery.

Systems like water storage and filtration are simple so that users can rely on natural resources in any location. All amenities are detachable, too, so they can be taken out of the camper and enjoyed outdoors.

The camper unit is available for pre-order, with many choices for customizing yours.

Truck Into a Camper With This Trailer Add-On

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