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Can A Petrol-powered Car Blast Through Deep Flood Like This Battery-powered Tesla X?



Last week, while a local news reporter in South Dakota was reporting on the city’s dangerous flooding for the station KSFY, a white Tesla Model X came into view, blasting and making a dangerous crossing across the flooded road.

Unlike petrol/diesel powered cars, the all electric Tesla Model X, according to the clip, impressively makes it through the water without any issues. But the truth is — driving a car, whether battery or petrol/diesel powered, through floodwaters is never a good idea.

This is because, the driver has no idea of how deep a flooded road like this is, or the present condition of the road surface beneath the water.

This isn’t the first time a Tesla has been filmed cruising through water. Back in 2016, a footage of a Model S floating through a flooded tunnel in Kazakhstan hit the internet

At the time, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, tweeted that he definitely did not recommend that drivers use their Teslas as boats.

“We encourage people don’t do this”

“Don’t do what you see right there. Very dangerous”