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When Petrol And Diesel Powered Cars Drowns in Flood,All-electric Cars Keeps Cruising:Check This Out



Have you ever wondered what would happen to an all-electric car if caught in a pool of water after a heavy downpour?

Or questions like :Is a battery electric vehicle safe in a flood?

Unlike traditional petrol and diesel powered cars – that are faced with engine and transmission system damages caused by water flooding engine bays and air intake system , all-electric cars like the Tesla Model S has no carburetors, no radiators or air intakes and no (heavy) engines – so they keep on  cruising …

They also have well sealed electric motors that drives the wheels, as well as water-proof battery packs – to prevent electric shocks .

The short clips above shows an electric Tesla that kept swimming and driving despite being fully immersed up to its side mirrors,while the petrol powered cars drowns in the flood.

The video rebukes the theory that electric cars can easily be damaged by water than conventional vehicles.

What do you think?