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High-Risk Lifestyle: See What Some Lagosians Are Doing On The Expressway (PHOTOS)



For whatever reasons, Lagosians are always in a hurry. Our love for short-cuts is also legendary.

Lagosians always have a way of circumventing established processes without any consideration for their  consequences.

For instance, below are pictures of  a busy expressway in Lagos. In the pictures, some Lagosians – despite the conspicuous presence of a pedestrian bridge –  still prefer to cross the busy expressway.

What is even more interesting is that these expressways have wire Mesh fencing on the median.

These wire mesh fences were constructed by the Ambode administration. They were constructed to discourage pedestrians from crossing of the expressway.  That notwithstanding, some sections of the median have been cut out to serve as thoroughfare for errant pedestrians.

Certainly, this is not something the society can blame on the government.


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