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6 Honda Genuine Parts You Can Buy From Honda Nigeria



Honda Genuine Parts Nigeria


Honda Genuine Parts Nigeria

Honda Nigeria started importation of Brand New Honda cars in late 2013 and moved on to add importation of Honda Genuine Motor Oil (HGMO) and Genuine Honda Spare parts to its line in early 2014.

In case you’ve been wondering the genuine parts you can get from Honda Nigeria for your car, worry no more. These are the Honda genuine parts you can buy from Honda Nigeria or their accredited dealers in Nigeria.

1. Oil Filters

According to Honda Nigeria, servicing is incomplete if you change your engine oil without using a genuine Honda oil filter. The Honda genuine oil filter will allow circulation of clean engine oil by filtering off all  unwanted substances. This will lead to enhanced performance.

2. Air Filters

Honda genuine air filter lets your engine get the clean air it needs for smooth operation. Your Honda’s first line of defense against engine-damaging airborne particles is its air filter. Air Filters captures the dust, grime, dirt and impurities that can impair engine performance, increases emission and can reduce your gas mileage.

Honda genuine air cleaner element is designed to provide the finest micron filtration efficiency, that ensures your engine has smooth clean air for optimum performance without compromising engine output and fuel economy.

3. Break Pads & Shoes

The Honda brake pads are ultimately reliable in all conditions. They are engineered to meet the exact braking specifications of your Honda vehicle.

Honda genuine brake pads come with new high-insulation shims and specially formulated grease which reduces noise. With these brake pads, you have no business with premature disc wear.

4. Honda Genuine Motor Oil (HGMO) SM 5W30 Fully Synthetic

This SM 5W30 is a synthetic oil by Honda motors. There are so many benefits of using this engine oil for your Honda car. You can find out these benefits in one of our previous posts via the link HERE.

5.Honda Genuine Motor Oil (HGMO) SL 15W40

The Honda genuine motor oil SL 15W40 is the recommended by Honda for cars older than 2013. This means if your car model comes before 2013, it is the right engine oil for it.

6. Honda Transmission Fluids

The Honda genuine transmission fluids offer protection against extreme temperatures. It also lubricate gears and bushings. Most , it provides correct frictional response to optimize performance.

You can get all the listed spare parts in any Honda accredited dealers in Nigeria.

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