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Honda’s All-electric Car Swaps Conventional Side Mirrors For Cameras



Japanese automaker Honda has confirmed that the Side Camera Mirror System on the Honda e prototype electric car will be a standard feature when the car enters production in 2020.

As well as improving visibility, these compact cameras reduce aerodynamic drag by around 90% compared to conventional door mirrors. The result is an approximate 3.8% improvement for the entire vehicle – in terms of battery’s efficiency and range.

Unlike conventional side mirrors, the cameras are contained within the width of the car .The shape of the camera unit housing is designed to prevent water drops on the lens. A water-repellent coating on the lens surfaces deter any other residual water build up.

The side-camera-mirror system,that includes two six-inch screens, situated on the left and right sides of the dashboard,provide live images of traffic.

The driver can also choose between ‘normal view’ and ‘wide view’ via the vehicle settings, extending the field of vision further than with conventional side mirrors and reducing blind spots by around 10% in normal view and approximately 50% in wide view.

When selecting reverse gear, guidelines appear on the side view screens in addition to an enhanced camera angle, expanding visibility and delivering further benefits to the driver.

The Honda e compact electric car is part of the brand’s strategy to feature electrified technology in all cars it sells by 2025. It will feature a competitive range of over 125 miles and ‘fast charge’ functionality providing 80% range in just 30 minutes.

The production version of the Honda e will be unveiled later this year.


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